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Family Names Starting with the Letter N

 Family Title Author Year Price
Nance The Nance Memorial Nance, George W. 1904
Nash Fifty Puritan Ancestors 1628-1660. Genealogical Notes 1560-1900 Nash, Elizabeth Todd 1902
Nash The Nash Family or Records of the Descendants of Thomas Nash of New Haven, Connecticut. 1640. Nash, Reverend Sylvester 1853
Nash Francis Nash of Braintree, Mass., and 480 of his descendants Phillips, Vernon S. 1932
Nash The Nashes of Ireland Pabst, Anna C. S. 1963
Nash A Genealogical Record of the Descendants of William Nash of Bucks Co., PA… Fretz, Rev. A. J. 1903
Navarre Navarre or Researches after the Descendants of Robert Navarre Whose Ancestors are the Noble Bourbons of France and Some Historical Notes on Families.. Denissen, Christian 1897
Nay Genealogy of the Nay Family. A Record of the Descendants of Jacob Nay of Virginia from 1723 to 1949, With Supplement Nay, Ernest Omar 1949
Neal The Ancestry of Joseph Neal c. 1769-1835 of Litchfield, Maine Davis, Walter Goodwin 1945
Neale The Neal Record Being a List of the Descendants of John Neale One of the Early Settlers of Salem, Massachusetts Neal, Theodore 1856
Neff A Chronicle, together with a Little Romance regarding Rudolf and Jacob Näf, of Frankford, Pennsylvania… Neff, Elizabeth Clifford 1886
Neff Addenda: Naf - Neff History Regarding the Origin and Meaning of the Name of Neff. Neff, Elizabeth C. 1899
Neff The Descendants of William Neff Who Married Mary Corliss, Jan 23, 1665, Haverhill, Massachusetts Curry, Dorothy N. 1958
Neff A Memorial of the Neff Family: With Special Reference to Frances Neff and Some of His Descendants Neff, Elmer Ellsworth 1931
Neighbour Descendants of Leonard Neighbour: Immigrant to America, 1738 Neighbour, Lambert Bowman 1906
Neill John Neill of Lewes, Delaware, 1739 and his Descendants Neill, Edward D 1875
Nelson Descent of John Nelson Prime, Temple 1894
Nelson Our Family Genealogy, Including Nelson, Johnson, Roach, Smith, Little, Cox. Dawson-Wooten and Chapman Families, Each Related to the Other by Descent Cox, William E. 1938
Nelson Anthony Nelson: Seventeenth Century Pennsylvania and New Jersey, and some of His Descendants Van Name, Elmer Garfield 1962
Nelson Descendants of John Nelson, Sr. Mary Toby, Stafford County, Virginia 1740-1939 With Related Families Gibson, Olive N 1961
Nelson Contributions Towards a Nelson Genealogy: Part I, Some Neilsons of Scotland Nelson, William 1904
Nesbit A Genealogy of the Nesbit, Ross, Porter, Taggart Familes of Pennsylvania Hartman, Blanche T. 1929
Nesbit An American Family. The Nesbits of St. Clair Nesbit, Charles Francis 1932
Nesbitt Nisbet of That Ilk Nesbitt, Robert Chancellor 1941
Nettleton The Nettletons in America Crocker, Julia A. 1908
Nevill De Nova Villa: or, The House of Nevill in Sunshine and Shade Swallow, Henry J. 1885
Nevius Joannes Nevius Schepen and Third Secretary of New Amsterdam under the Dutch First Secretary of New York City… Honeyman, Auger. Van Doren 1900
Newbaker A Genealogical Record of the Descendants of Andrew Newbaker of Hardwick Township, Warren County NJ, Together with Historical and Biographical Sketches Fretz. A. J. 1908
Newberry Newberry Genealogy: The Ancestors and Descendants of Thomas Newberry of Dorchester, Mass., 1634, 920-1914 Bartlett, J. Gardner 1914
Newberry The Newberry Family of Windsor, Connecticut: In the Line of Clarinda (Newberry) Goodwin of Hartford, Connecticut, 1634-1866 Starr, Frank Farnsworth 1898
Newcomb Genealogical Memoir of the Newcomb Family. Records of Nearly Every Person of the Name in America from 1635-1874. Also the First Generation… Newcomb, John B 1874
Newcomb Andrew Newcomb. 1618-1686 and His Descendants Newcomb, Bethuel Merritt 1923
Newcomer Newcomb Genealogy Hall, Grace Fielding 1914
Newcomer A Genealogy of Henry, Christian and Peter: Sons of Wolfgang Newcomer Newcomer, Alexander 1889
Newell Thomas Newell Who Settled in Farmington, Conn., A.D. 1632, and His Descendants, A Genealogical Table Hall, Mary A. (Newell) 1878
Newell Newell Ancestry Emery, William M. 1944
Newhall The Record of my Ancestry Newhall, Charles Lyman 1899
Newkirk Genealogy and Historyof the Newkirk, Hamiliton, and Bayles Family Newkirk, Thomas J. 1916
Newland The Newland (Newlon) Family: A Brief Genealogy and History of the Family whose Various Branches May Use Either of These Spellings and of Other Newland, Robert E. 1946
Newlin The Newlin Family. Ancestors and Descendants of John and Mary Pyle Newlin Newlin, Algie I. & Harvey 1965
Newmarch The Newmarch Pedigree: Verified by Public Records, Authentic Manuscripts, and General and Local Histories Newmarch, Geo. Fred. 1868
Newton Newton Genealogy Genealogical, Biographical, Historical Being a Record of the Descendants of Richard Newton of Sudbury and marlborough, MA Leonard, Ermina Newton 1915
Newton The Colchester Conn., Newton Family: Decendants of Thomas Newton of Fairfield, Conn., 1639 Newton, Clair Alonzo 1911-1949
Newton Rev. Roger Newton Newton, Caroline 1914
Newton Richard Newton of Sudbury, Massachusetts, 1638-9, Also, an Account of the Indian Raid in Barnard, Vermont, August 9,1780. Newton, William M 1912
Newton Genealogical Memoranda Relating to the Family of Newton. 1871
Newton Newlin Family and Collateral Lines Du Bin, Alexander 1942
Nicholls Sergeant Francis Nicholls of Stratford, Connecticut, 1639, and the Descendants of his Son, Caleb Nicholls Nicholls, Walter 1909
Nichols The Nichols Families in America Nichols, Leon N. 1919
Nichols Richard Nichols, the Immigrant Nichols, George E. 1929
Nichols The Descendants of George Washington Nichols and Deborah Hobart of Braintree, Vermont and River Falls, Wisconsin Richardson, Arthur H. 1955
Nichols James Nichols (Nickels) of Searsport and His Descendants, 1733-1943 Nichols, Charles J. 1944
Nichols The Ancestors and Descendants of Humphrey Nichols of Newark, NJ and of His Brothers and Sisters. Torrey, Frederic 1917
Nicholson A Summery of the Genealogy of the Nicholson and Stowers Families of the South: With Their Principal Branches Nicholson, John Bradford 1936
Nickerson Nickerson, Vernon R. 1970
Nicoll The Nicoll Family and the Islip Grange Bailey, Rosalie Fellows 1940
Nicoll The Nicoll Family of Orange County, New York Nicoll, W. L. 1886
Nicolls Richard Nicolls, First Governor of New York, 1664-1668 Schuyler, Montgomery 1933
Nightingale Matlock Manor and Parish: Historical & Descriptive, With Pedigrees and Arms, and Map of the Pairsh Reduced From the Ordnance Survey Bryan, Benjamin 1903
Nimitz My Name is Nimitz Joan 1948
Nims Dedication of the Godfrey Nims Memorial. The Eleventh Reunion of the Nims Family Association and Field day of the Pocumtuck Falley Memorial Nims Family Association 1914
Ninde Genealogic (sic) Snapshots of the Family of James Ninde of Tewkesbury, and his wife Sarah Ward. 1740-1929 Ninde, Henry S 1929
Nixon The Story of the Robert P. Nixon Family of Boothsville, West Virginia Nixon, Justin Wroe 1961
Noakes Noakes Pioneers in Utah: A Biographical, Genealogical and Historical Record of the Thomas and Emma (Inkpen) Noakes Family of Udimore, England; Coleman, Arthur D 1965
Noble Grand Pre Tragedy, 1745-1755: The Noble Memorial. ----- 1928
Noble History and Genealogy of the Family of Thomas Noble Boltwood, Lucius 1878
Noble Christopher Noble of Portsmouth, NH Davis, Frank 1940
Noblet Genealogical Collections Relating to the Families of Noblet, Noblat, Noblot and Noblets, of France….. Noblit, John H. 1906
Nolan The Stephen-Daniel Line of the Noland Family, New Material and Corrections Ronsheim,Edw. J. 1959
Norcross The English Norcross Family and Some of the Descendants of William (3) Norcorss 1699 to America Cameron, Elsie M. 1954
Norrey (Norrey) Godes Peace and The Queenes. Vficissitudes of a House, 1529-1615 O'Conor, Morreys Jephson 1934
Norris Ancestry and Descendants of Lieut Jonathan and Tameshkin (Barker) Norris of Maine Norris, Henry McCoy 1906
Norris Lineage and Biographies of the Norris Family in America From 1640 to 1892 Morrison, Leonard Allison 1892
Norris Kentucky Descendants of Thomas Norris of Maryland, 1630-1953, and Allied Families Josserand, Gertrude C 1953
Norris The Norris Family of Maryland Myers, Thomas M. 1916
North John North of Farmington, Connecticut North, Dexter 1921
North The Caleb North Genealogy. Decendants of Caleb North who Came from Ireland to Philadelphia in 1729 North, Dexter 1930
Northrup Northrup Sage, Merwin G. and Clarissa Burdick Northrup 1961
Northrup The Northrup-Northrop Genealogy. A Record of the Known Descendants of Joseph Northrup Who Came from England in 1637 and was one of the Original Northrup, A. Judd 1908
Northup Some Records of the Northup and Tucker Families in Rhode Island Chatfield, Carrie 1914
Norton Descendants and Ancestors of Charles Norton of Guilford, Connecticut. Norton, Albert B. 1856
Norton The Nortons of Russellville, Ky. : Reminiscences Morton, David 1891
Norton Some Descendants of John Norton of Branford, 1622-1709 Norton, Walter 1909
Norton Some Descendants of Stephen Norton Norton, Horace B 1913
Norton The Norton-Lathrop-Tolles-Doty American Ancestry: Of Ralph Tolles Norton, James Edward Norton, Arden Lathrop Norton, Frank Porter Norton: Their Norton, James E. 1935
Norwood Genealogy of the Norwood, Hogg, Lovick, Benners and Howell, Garrett, Harrison Lines Apperson, Alves Norwood 1944
Nourse James Nourse and His Descendants Maria C. N. Lyle 1897
Nowell Nowell Family, Being a Brief Account of Captain Peter Nowell of York, Maine and Some of His Descendants Varney, Herbert C. and Joshua Nowell 1903
Nowlin The Nowlin-Stone Genealogy: A Record of the Descendants of James Nowlin, Who Came to Pittsylvania County, Viriginia, From Ireland About 1700: of Bryan Nowlin, James Edmund and Mary Nowlin 1916
Noyes Genealogical Record of Some of The Noyes Descendants of James, Nicholas and Peter Noyes, Vol 1 & Vol 2 Noyes, Brig Gen Henry E and Miss Harriet E. Noyes 1904
Noyes Noyes' Genealogy. Record of a Branch of the Descendants of Rev. James Noyes Noyes, Horatio N. 1889
Noyes Descendants of Reverend William Noyes, Born England, 1568, in Direct Line to Laverne W. Noyes and Frances Adelia Noyes-Griffen….. Noyes, Laverne W. 1900
Noyes Noyes-Gilman Ancestry Being a Series of Sketches with a Chart of the Ancestors of Charles Phelps Noyes and Emily H Gilman Noyes His Wife Noyes, Charles P 1907
Noyes A Genealogical Account of the Noyes Family; together with the Dike Family, and Fuller and Edson Families. Noyes, Jacob 1869
Noyes Noyes Pedigree Noyes, James 1899
Nunn The Nunn Family: A Short Sketch of John Milton Nunn + Sallie Heiston Nunn, Their Ancestors and Descendants. Nunn, Chas G. and Henry L. Nunn 1939
Nutting Genealogy of First Four Generations and Names of Fifth Generation of Male Descendants of John Nutting Brainarde, Homer W. and Walter M. Nutting 1927
Nutting Nutting Genealogy. A Record of Some of the Descendants of John Nutting, of Groton, Mass. Nutting, Rev. John Keep 1908
Nuzum the Nuzum Family. Dedicated to the Memory of John N. Nuzum. Showing some branches in Ireland, Australia and America Williams, H. F. 1952
Nye A Genealogy of the Nye Family Nye Family of America and George Hyatt Nye 1904-1967
Nye A Genealogy of the Nye Family Nye, George Hyatt and Frank E. Best 1907
Nyman The Book of Nyman Being the Decendants of One Jacob Nyman who Arrived at the Port of Philadelphia, July 1751…. Nyman, Melancthon 1955