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Family Names Starting with the Letter E

 Family Title Author Year Price
Eager Eager [family]. Chapman, Grace O. 1942
Eames Genealogy of One Branch of the Descendants of Thomas Eames' Family Who Came from England about 1630 and First Settled at Dedham, Massachusetts in 1640 Eames, Moses 1887
Eames Eames - Ames Genealogy Ames, Wilmot 1931
Eanes The Descendants of Edward Eanes of Henrico and Chesterfield Counties in Virginia Eanes, Richard Henry 1940
Earle History and Genealogy of the Earles of Secaucus With an Account of Other English and American Branches Earle, Isaac 1926
Earle Marmaduke and Rebecca (Morris) Earle 192?
Earle Ralph Earle and His Descendants Earle, Pliny 1888
Earle Branch of the Ralph Earle Family in America Foorhies, Amos Earle 1940
Earle The Amos Earle Branch of the Ralph Earle Family in America
Earll Biographical Notes and Genealogical Tables Giving the Line of Descent of the Family Earll Weygant, C. H. 1905
Early A History of the Family of Early in America, Being the Ancestors and Descendants of Jeremiah Early, who Came From the County of Donegal, Ireland Hatcher, Robert Stockwell 1896
Early The Family of Early Which Settled upon the Eastern Shore of Virginia and it's Connection with Other Families. Early, R. H. 1920
Earnest (Earnest) Indian Eve and Her Descendants: An Indian Story of Bedford County, Pennsylvania(Earnest) Emma Replogle 1911
Eason The Eason Record and Allied Familie of Rierson, Crain, Chandler, Toler, Zumwalt, Howard, Philipps, etc Lindenberger, Ruth W. E. 1951
Eastburn The Eastburn Family. Being a Genealogical and Historical Record of the Descendants of John Eastburn and Robert Eastburn Walton, Hettie A. 1903
Eastman That Man Eastman, 2 Volumes Eastman, Charles John 1952
Eastman The Puritan Ancestors, in America, of Georgia Ann Eastman… Bennette, Russell W. 1929
Eastman History and Genealogy of Deacon Joseph Eastman of Hadley, Massachusetts, Grandson of Roger Eastman of Salisbury, Massachusetts Rix, Guy S. and M. Emily Eastman 1908
Eastman History and Genealogy of the Eastman Family of America. Containing Biographical Sketches and Genealogies of Both Males and Females Rix, Guy 1901
Eastman The Eastmans of Tamworth. A Short History of William Eastman, First Settler of Tamworth, New Hampshire, His Sons and Certain of His Descendants Eastman, Harland H. 1964
Easton Descendants of Joseph Easton, Hartford, Conn., 1636-1899 Easton, William S. 1899
Eastwood The Eastwood Family. An Account of Some of the Descendants of Abel Eastwood, who Settled in Washington County, New York around 1780, 2nd edition Eastwood, Eric K. 1963
Eastwood The Eastwood Family. An Account of Some of the Descendants of Abel Eastwood, who Settled in Washington County, New York around 1780 Eastwood, Eric K 1950
Eaton The Eaton Family of Nova Scotia, 1760-1929 Eaton, Arthur W. H. 1929
Eaton Eaton Grange and Notes of Andrews, Kimball and Eaton Family Eaton, Christie L. 1890
Eaton Eaton Family of Dedham and the Powder House Rock Alden, John 1900
Eaton The Elmwood Eatons Eaton, Arthur W. 1895
Eaton The Dedham Eatons. From 1635 to the Fifth Generation. A Report Read at the Annual Meeting of the Eaton Family Association of Boston, October 21, 1884 Eaton, Daniel Cady 1884
Eaton History Genealogical and Biographical of the Eaton Family Moylneux, Nelie Z. R. 1911
Eaton Ancestry and Descendants of Sylvanus Eaton, jacob Swetland, and Christopher Reynolds Wight, Jane Adaline Eaton 1900
Eaton Families of Eaton-Dutherland, Layton-Hill Eaton, Arthur Wentworth H. 1899
Eavenson Eavenson-Strickland and Allied Families. Includes Lines and Data Collected up to March, 1933 Strickland, Sexta Eavenson 1933
Eberhart History of the Eberharts Eberhart, Uriah 1891
Eberly Biographic Memorial of John Eberly and Genealogical Register of the Eberly Family Martin, Levi E. 1896
Ebersol The Ebersol Families in America, 1727-1937; Including the Leading Clans who Spell the name Ebersole, Eversole, Ebersol, Eversull Ebersol, Charles E 1937
Eby A Biographical History of the Eby Family, Being a History of Their Movements in Europe During the Reformation and of Their Early Settlement in….. Eby, Ezra E. 1889
Eby The Swiss Eby Family. Pioneer Millwrights and Millers of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania Aby, Franklin Stanton 1924
Eby The Eby Family Bulletin Aby, Franklin S. 1923-1925
Echyngham Echyngham of Echyngham Hall, Spencer 1850
Eckel The Eckel Family of Maryland, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, North Carolina and Delaware Rubicam, Milton 1955
Eckert Eckert Record. Story of Georg Bernhardt Eckert and his Descendants. 1793-1957 Orrison, Mrs Estrella Hartmann 1957
Eckert Eckert Record: Story of Georg Bernhardt Eckert and his Decendants, 1793-1957 Orrison, Estella Hartmann 1957
Eckhardt History of an Eckhar(d)t Family Whose Three Sons (John, Henry,George) Came to America Before 1850. Including Records of the Pullman Family Reinoehl, Charles K and George B. Eckhart 1952
Eddie The Eddie Family History Voltz, Rae W. et al 1969
Eddy Eddy Family in America. 1968 Supplement Breck, Ruth A. 1971
Eddy The Ancestors and Descendants of Zachariah Eddy of Waren Pa Horton, Byron Barnes 1930
Eddy Memoir of Col. Jonathan Eddy of Eddington, Me.: With Some Account of the Eddy Family, and of the Early Settlers on Penobscot River Porter, Joseph W. 1877
Eddy The Eddy Family. Reunion at Providence to Celebrate the Two Hundred and Fiftieth Anniversary of the Landing of John and Samuel Eddy at Plymouth Eddy, Robert H., et al 1881
Eddy Eddy Family in America. 1940 Supplement Eddy, Ruth S. D. 1940
Eddy Genealogy of the Eddy Family Eddy, Charles 1881
Eddy Eddy Family in America. 1950 Supplement Eddy, Ruth S. D. 1950
Eddy The Eddy Family. Reunion at Providence to Celebrate the Two Hundred and Fiftieth Anniversary of the Landing of John and Samuel Eddy at Plymouth Eddy, Robert H., et al 1884
Eddy Eddy Family in America Eddy, Ruth S. D. 1930
Eden Some Historical Notes on the Eden Family Eden, Robert Allan 1907
Edgar Genealogical Collections Concerning the Scottish House of Edgar. With a Memoir of James Edgar, Private Secretary to the Chevalier St. George Edgar, Andrew 1873
Edgecombe Edgecombe, Yates and Allied Families Blake, Frances E. 1968
Edgell Edgell Notes Made from Original Public Records in the States of Maryland and Delaware Bell, Albert D. 1948
Edgerly Edgerly and Allied Families Edgerly, Edwin Lorraine 1959
Edgerly The Edgerly Family Edgerly, James A. 1880
Edgerton Edgerton Genealogy, 1762-1927 Edgerton, Jesse 1927
Edie The Edie Family Edie, John William 196?
Edminster The Edminster Family in America Edminster, Frank C., Jr. 1965
Edson Several Ancestral Line of Josiah Edson and his Wife, Sarah Pinney, Married at Stafford, Conn., July 1, 1779 with a Full Genealogical History of Their Wells, Harriette Hyde and Harry W. Van Dyke 1901
Edson Nathan Edson and His Descendants Edson, George T. 1926
Edson Edson in England and America and Genealogy of the Edsons Edson, jarvis B. 1903
Edson A genealogical account of the Edsons : early settled in Bridgewater, with appendices Edson, Theodore 1864
Edson Edson Family History and Genealogy. Descendants of Samuel Edson of Salem and Bridgewater… Edson, Carroll A. 1969
Edwards Timothy & Rhoda Ogden Edwards of Stockbridge, Massachusetts Edwards, William 1903
Edwards A Genealogical Record of the Descendants of John Edwards, 1868 to 1915 Edwards, Llwellyn 1916
Edwards The Edwards Family of Barren County, Kentucky. History and Traditions Edwards, Cyrus 1924
Edwards A Condensed Genealogy of One Branch of the Edwards Family of Concord and Acton, Massachusetts Edwards, John H 1907
Eells The Eels Family of Dorchester, Massachusetts Starr, Frank F. 1903
Egerton Egerton Walker Genealogy. A Record of the Descendants of James Egerton and Bathsheba (Walker) Egerton of Langdon, NH Chandler, Seth 1887
Eisenberg The Eisenberg-Jones Family Record. Eisenberg Branch. A Record of Lawrence Eisenberg and his Descendants The Historical Committee 1923
Eisenhart Ancestry of the John Franklin Eisenhart Family Eisenhart, Willis W 1951
Eisenhower Eisenhower Lineage and Reference: A Complete Set of the Series of Bulletins on Eisenhower...etc., Family History Taylor-Richardson, Fannie Belle. 1958
Ela Genealogy of the Ela Family: Descendants of Israel Ela of Haverhill, Mass. Ela, David H 1897
Elam The Elam Family (with Special Reference to) Josiah Elam and His Descendants Elam, Harvey 1933
Elder Genealogy of David Elder and Margery Stewart Elder, Thomas A. 1905
Elderkin John Elderkin. One of the Founders of Connecticut and Some of His Descendants. Elderkin, John 1896
Eldred The Eldred Family. Particularly the Descendants of William Eldred of Yarmouth, and more Particularly the Eldreds of Greene County, Illinois Eldred, Orville et al 1940
Eldredge Ancestors of Edward Irving Eldrege and His Wife Helen Louise Dutcher. Showing Descend from…. Frost, Josephine 1925
Eldredge Eldredge Genealogy. A Record of Some of the Descendants of William Eldredge of Yarmouth Eldredge, Zoeth 1896
Eliot Proceedings at the Reunion of the Decendants of John Eliot The Apostle to the Indians, at Guilford, Connecticut, September 15, 1875. Second Meeting The Society 1901
Eliot Genealogy of the Descendants of John Eliot,  Apostle to the Indians, 1598-1905. New Edition. Emerson, Wilimena H., et. al. 1905
Eliot A Sketch of the Eliot Family. Eliot, Walter G. 1887
Elkington The Elkinton Family Bjerke, Robert 1963
Elkington Early Records of the Name of Elkington Elkington, Arthur E. H. 1958
Elkinton The Elkinton Family Bjerke, Robert 1963
Elkinton The Elkinton Family in England and America Being the Ancestry and Descendants of George Elkinton of Burlington County, NJ Adams, Arthur 1945
Ellers Our Ancestors: A Record of These Families… Eiler, Homer 1929
Elling The Elling Families from 1660 Germany to 1960 in America. Elling, Edward H. 1961
Elliot The John Elliot Family of Boscawen, New Hampshire Kimball, Henry Ames 1918
Ellis Notices of the Ellises of England, Scotland and Ireland, from the Conquest to the Present Time Ellis, William Smith 1857
Ellis The Ellis Family Foos, Mrs. Katharine 1900
Ellis Descendants of Rowland Ellis and Sallie Abrams of Massachusetts Frank Rogers Ellis 1893
Ellis Ellis Family Genealogy, 1760-1960, 2nd edition 1972
Ellis Genealogical Data Regarding the Descendants of John Ellis of Sandwich Bates, Mary Wood 1935
Ellis Biographical Sketches of Richard Ellis, the First Settler of Ashfield, Massachusetts and His Descendants Ellis, E. R. 1888
Ellis History and Genealogy of the John Ellis Family Miller, Milo H. 1936
Ellis Early New England People: Some Account of the Ellis, Permberton, Willard, Prescott, Titcomb, Sewall and Longfellow, and Allied Families Titcomb, Sarah E 1882
Ellis Barzalli Ellis McCabe, C. J. 1958
Ells Ells, Eelss, Eels, Rust and Allied Families. A Genealogical Study with Biographical Notes Rust, Estelle Ells 1954
Ellsworth Our Ellsworth Ancestors Ellsworth, German E. 195-
Elmer Genealogy of the Elmer and the More Families Brookes, More 1930
Elmer Elmer-Elmore Genealogy. Records of th Descendants of Edward Wlmre of Braintree, England and Hartford, Conn., Through his son Edward, 1632-1899 Johnson, William W. 1899
Elston The Elston Family in America Elston, James Strode 1942
Elting A Study of the Elting Family Heidgerd, William and Ruth P. Heidgerd 1955
Elwell The Descendants of Thomas of Elwell Elwell, Levi H. 1902
Elwell The Elwell Family in America: A Genealogy of Robert Elwell of Dorchester and Gloucester, Mass Elwell, Jacob Thomas 1899
Elwell The Family of Thomas Elwell of Hardwick Elwell, Levi H. 1900
Ely Historical Narrative of the Ely Ely, Reuben P. 1910
Ely Records of the Descendants of Nathaniel Ely, the Immigrant, Who Settled First in Newtown, now Cambridge, Massachusetts…. Ely, Heman 1885
Ely The Ely Ancestry. Lineage of Richard Ely of Plymouth, England, Who Came to Boston, Massachusetts… Beach, Moses S., et al 1902
Emerson The Ipswich Emersons, 1636-1900. A Genealogy of the Descendants of Thomas Emerson of Ipswich, Massachusetts… Emerson, Benjamin 1900
Emerson A criticism of The Ipswich Emersons : alias The Emersons in America Emerson, P. H 1901
Emerson The Haverhill Emersons Pope, Charles H. 1913
Emerson The Emersons Alias Emberson of Ipswich, Massachusetts Bay Colony.. Emerson. P. H. 1912
Emerson Ralph Waldo Emerson: His Maternal Ancestors with Some Reminiscences of Him Haskins, David Greene 1887
Emery Genealogical Records of Descendants of John and Anthony Emery of Newbury, Massachusetts, 1590-1890 Emery, Rufus 1890
Emery Annual re-union of the Emery Family in Meionaon, Tremont Temple, Boston, Mass Emery, Samuel H. 1888
Emery Conrad Emery and His Descendants Emery, Frederic B. 1970
Emison Supplement (1962) to the Emison Families Emison, James Wade 1962
Emison The Emison Families, Revised. … Kentucky Emisons. Emison, James W. 1954
Emmons Riley Smith Emmons and Prisicilla Eleanor Howard: Their Ancestors and Descendants Tyler, Katherine J. E. 1965
Emmons Emmons Genealogy. Mason, Lucille 1961
Emmons Genealogical Record (Emmons) Franklin Emmons 1960
Emmons The Emmons Family Genealogy. A Record of the Emigrant Thomas Emmonds of Newport, Rhode Island, with Many of his Descendants from 1639 to 1905 Emmons, Edward Neville 1905
Enders A Genealogy of the Enders Family. Baker, Sylvester Williams 1960
Endicott The Endicott Family Endicott, Charles M 1911
Endicott Supplement to the Endicott History: Thomas, Joseph, Samuel McCloskey, Mabel McFatridge 1959
Endicott Some Descendants of John Endecott: Governor of Massachusetts Bay Colony McCloskey, Mabel McFatridge 1943
Endsley The Endsley Family. A Partial Record of the Descendants of John Endsley, 1776-1835 and Jane (Blaine) Endsley, 1773-1848 Shannon, Nathan Clark 1959
Engle Engle History Engle, Morris 1927
Engle The Melchor Engle Family. History and Genealogy. 1730-1940 Engle, Winfield S. H. 1940
Eno The Eno Family: New York Branch. Eno, Henry Lane 1920
Ensign Record of the Descendants of James Ensign and His Wife Sarah Nelson, 1634-1939-1960 Nelson, Martha Eunice Ensign 1960
Epperson The Story of David Epperson and His Family of Albermarle County, Virginia. With Suppplementary Notes on the Epperson Family Brinkman, Edna Epperson 1933
Eppley History and Genealogy of the Descendants of Jacob (Eppli, Aeply, Ebli) Eppley, The Pioneer Eppley of America and Some Short Accounts of Other Eppley.. Fryburg, L. Gertrude 1936
Erskine The Erskine - Halcro genealogy: the ancestors and descendants of Henry Erskine, minister of Chirnside …. Scott, Ebenezer Erskine 1895
Eschbach Genealogical Annals of Anthony and Barbara Eschbach. With Brief Records of their Children and Descendants Eschbach, Edmun R. 1902
Espenschied Louis Espenschied and His Family Espenschied, Lloyd 1962
Espenschied The German Background of the Espenschied-Esbenshade Families. Espenschied, Lloyd 1938
Espy History and Genealogy of the Espy Family Espy, Florence 1905
Esselstyne Coenradt Esselstyne (Asselstine) Ancestry and Descendants of Conrad Esseltine, some allied families and other Asseltynes Johnson, Inez Fowler, et al 1943
Essex Descendants of Thomas Essex and Elizabeth Bowen Essex:(of Maryland, Virginia, and Illnois) Hiram E. Essex 1968
Esslinger Two Hundred Years of the Esslinger Family Esslinger, W. F. 1950
Estabrook Genealogy of the Estabrook Family Estabrook, William B. 1891
Estabrook Genealogy of the Anglo-Dutch Estabrooks Family of the Saint John River, New Brunswick Estabrooks, Florence 1935
Estabrooks Genealogy of the Anglo-Dutch Estabrooks Family of the Saint John River, New Brunswick.( Revised Ed.) Estabrooks, Florence C. 1958
Estabrooks The Estabrooks Family in Concord, Massachusetts and on the Saint John River, New Brunswick, Canada Estabrooks, Florence 1953
Estes Estes Genealogies, 1097-1893 Estes, Charles 1894
Estill (Estill Family) A Family History by One of the Family Estill, J. H. 1903
Esty Isaac Esty of Topsfield and Some of His Descendants Gay Esty Bangs 1899?
Etheredge Genealogical Memoranda Relating to the Family of Etheredge Percy, C. X. 1873
Evans The Decendants of David Evans of Charlstown, Mass. To Which is Appended Partial Records of Certain Families Connected with them by Marriage Evans, S. A. 1893
Evans Genealogy of the Evans, Nivin, and Allied Families, 2nd edition Nivin, Septimus E., et al 1930
Evans Time and Chance: The Story of Athur Evans and His Forebears Evans, Joan 1943
Evans Evans. Appleton, John R. and Morris C. Jones 1865
Evans History of Nathaniel Evans of Catfish Creek Evans, James Daniel 1905
Evans Evans, Whitting, Davis [families]. 1922
Evans Genealogy of the Evans' Family, the Virginia Biddles and other Related Families Leithold, Esther M. 1948
Evans The Evans family. Evans, S; Daily Telegraph 1895
Eveleth The Heimburghe, Part II: Eveleth. The Eveleth Family in New England Eveleth, Charles H.? 19??
Evelyn The History of the Evelyn Family. With a Special Memoir of William John Evelyn Evelyn, Helen 1915
Evelyn Evelyns in America Scull, G. D. 1881
Everest Descendants of Andrew Everest Holman, Winifred L. 1955
Everett Descendants of Richard Everett of Dedham, Mass. Everett, Edward 1902
Ewart The Genealogy of the Francis and Elizabeth Ewart Family: With Special Historical Notes Including Sections on Related Families, Adkins, Ankrom, Heckman, Carol King 1971
Ewell Genealogy of John Ewell Extending to the 6th Generation Covering a Period of 144 Years from 1734 to 1878, together with Personal Sketches, Family Ewell, E. H. 1878
Ewell A Virginia Scene, or, Life in Old Prince William Ewell, Alice Maude 1931
Ewell Genealogy of Henry Ewell of Sandwich, England and Scituate, Massachusetts and his Descendants Extending to John Ewell of the Fourth Generation Ewell, Joseph E. 1912
Ewen Clan Ewen: Some Records of its History MacEwen, R. S. T. 1904
Ewen The Families of Ewen of East Anglia and the Fenland Ewen, C. L'Estrange 1828
Ewers This is Ewers (Yours) Ewers, Dorothy Wood 1962
Ewing Clan Ewing of Scotland: Early History and Contributions to America, Sketches of Some Family Pioneers and Their Times Ewing , Elbert W. 1922
Ewing The Ewing Genealogy with Cognate Branches. A Survey of the Weings and Their Kin in America Ewing, Presley K 1919
Ewing Record of the Family of Thomas Ewing: Who Emigrated From Ireland to America in 1718. DuBois, Robert P. 1858
Ewing Dr. John Ewing and Some of His Noted Connections Ewing, Lucy E. 1930
Exline Genealogy of the Exline and Axline Family Thoesen, Edythe Wilson 1952
Eyerman The Ancestors of Margerite and John Eyerman. Being a Supplement to the Ancestors of Marguerite Eyerman Eyerman, John 1899
Eyerman The Ancestors of Margaret Eyereman. A Study in Genealogy Eyerman, John 1898
Eyestone Genealogy, Eyestone and Related Families Eyestone, J. Bruce 1948