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Family Names Starting with the Letter C

 Family Title Author Year Price
Cabell The Cabells and their Kin. A Memorial Volume of History, Biography and Genealogy Brown, Alexander 1895
Cabell The Cabells and their Kin. A Memorial Volume of History, Biography and Genealogy, 2nd edition Brown, Alexander 1939
Cabot History and Genealogy of the Cabot Family 1475-1927, 2 vols Briggs, L. Vernon 1927
Cadle Genealogy of the Cadle Family Including the English Descent Cadle, Henry, et al 1915
Cady Genealogies of Nicholas Cady and William Ricketson Cady, Ethel C. S. 1964
Cady Descendants of Nicholas Cady of Watertown, Mass, 1645-1910 Allen, Orrin Peer 1910
Cairnes A History of the Family of Cairnes or Cairns: and Its Connections Lawlor, H. C. 1906
Calder Major William Calder of Charlestown, Massachusetts. 1735-1802 Durrell, Harold Clarke 1933
Caldwell Caldwell Records, John and Sarah (Dillingham) Caldwell Caldwell, Augustine 1873
Caldwell John Caldwell and Sarah Dillingham Caldwell his Wife. Ipswich, Mass, 1654… Caldwell, John and Dolly Hoyt 1904
Caldwell Origin and History of the Name of Caldwell: With Biographies of All the Most Noted Persons of That Name: and an Account of the Origin of Surnames and ------ 1906
Caldwell A Branch of the Caldwell Family Tree. Being a Record of Thompson Baxter Calwell and his Wife, Mary Ann (Ames) Campbell Caldwell, Charles 1906
Caldwell Caldwell. James Caldwell of Londonderry and Windham, New Hampshire, especially Priest, Alice 1933
Calef Robert Calef of Boston and Roxbury and some of his descendants Lunt, Willima Wallace 1928
Calhoun The Calhoun Family of South Carolina Salley, A. S. , Jr. 1906?
Calhoun Calhoun, Hamilton and Baskins McPherson, Lewin D. 1957
Calkins The Calkins Memorial Military Roster Calkins, William 1903
Calkins The Calkins Memorial Military Roster Calkins, William Wirt 1903
Call The Calls of Norfolk and Suffolk. Their Paston Connections and Descendants Romanes, Charles S 1920
Calland The Calland Family Cory, Mary B. C., et al 1964
Callender Callender Genealogy. Ancestors and Decendants of Nathaniel Callender and Olive Kellogg Robinson, Alice V 1911
Calvert Genealogy of the Calvert Family Calvert, John and C. Crossman 1960
Calvert Descendants of Virginia Calverts O'Gorman, Ella Foy 1947
Calvin The Calvin Families. Origin and History of the American Calvins with a Partial Genealogy Clavin, Claude W. 1945
Cameron An Historical Account of the Life, actions, and Conduct of Dr. Archibald Cameron, Brother to Donald Cameron of Lochiel, Chief of that Clan…….. 1753
Cameron Memoirs of Sir Ewen Cameron of Locheill, Chief of the Clan Cameron: With an Introductory Account of the History and Antiquities of That Family and of Drummond, John and James Macknight 1842
Camp The Ancestry and Descendants of Frederick Tracy Camp and his wife Marion Fee Camp, John 1961
Campbell Genealogy of the Campbell, Noble, Gorton, Shelton, Gilmour and Byrd Families and Numerous other Families of Prominence in America with Whom they have. Whitaker, Mildred Campbell 1927
Campbell Historical Sketches of the Campbell, Pilcher and Kindred Families Including the Bowen, Russell, Owen, Grant, Goodwin, Amis, Carothers, Hope…. Pilcher, Margaret C 1911
Campbell A Memorial History of the Campbells of Melfort, Argylshire which Includes Records of the Different Highland and Other Families with Whom they have .. Campbell, Margaret Olympia 1882
Campbell Genealogical Account of the Ancestors in America of Joseph Andrew Kelly Campbell and Eliza Edith Deal (his Wife) Campbell, Joseph A 1921
Campbell Historical Sketches of the Campbell, Pilcher and Kindred Families Including the Bowen, Russell, Owen, Grant, Goodwin, Amis, Carothers, Hipe, Taliaferr Pilcher, Margaret Campbell 1911
Campbell The Story of the Campbells of Kinloch Login, E. Dalhousie 1924
Campbell The Campbells of Drumaboden on the River Lyennon, near Rathmelton, County Donegal, North of Ireland Campbell, John 1947
Campbell Records of Clan Campbell in the Military Service of the Honourable East India Company, 1600-1858 Campbell, Duncan 1925
Campbell First Four Generations: The First James Campbell of Cherry Valley Pickett, Angelo C. 1940
Campbell The Clan Campbell. From the Campbell Collections Campbell, Duncan and Henry Paton 1914-1922
Campbell Cambell Family. Some of the Descendants of William Campbell of Bergen County, 1718-1969 Campbell, Harlaa Rogers 1969
Campbell Pioneer Families of Randolph and Perry Counties, Illinois Note on the Campbell, Crozier, Flack, Milligan, Steelr and Thompson …. Robertson, Robert C 1960
Campbell Our Campbell Ancestors: 1742-1937: Traditions and History of the Family of Five Campbell Brothers and Sisters, John, James Douglas, Hester, Mary and Temple, Sarah E. 1939
Campbell The Campbells of Kishacoquillas. Historical Sketch and Genealogical Records of the Robert Campbell Family and the John Campbell Family Sherrard, Hallcok C 1894
Campbell The Robert Campbell Genealogy A Record of the Descendants of Robert Campbell of County Tyrone, Ulster, Ireland Campbell, Rev. Frederic 1909
Campbell Campbell the First Four Generations Pickett, Angelo 1940
Campbell Genealogy of the Campbell Whitaker, Mildred 1927
Campbell Campbell Chronicles and Family Sketches. Embracing the History of Campbell County, Virginia, 1782-1926 Early, R. H. 1927
Campbell The Campbell Clan Dunlap, L. C. and Christina C. Dugger 1938
Canby William Canby of Brandywine, Delaware: His Descendants Fourth to Seventh Generation in America Biddle, William Canby 1883
Candee The Candee Genealogy Baldwin, Charles C. 1882
Candler Colonel William Candler of Georgia: His Ancestry and Progeny Candler, Allen D. 1902
Canfield A History of Thomas Canfield and Mathew Canfield, Frederick A. 1897
Cantine A Preliminary Statement of the Cantine Genealogy, or, The Descendants in America of the Huguenot Refugee, Moses Cantine Julien, Matthew Cantine 1903
Cantrell The Cantrell Family Cantrell, Carmi G. 1898
Cantrill The Cantrill-Cantrell Genealogy. A Record of the Descendants of Richard Cantrill, Who was a Resident of Philadelphis Prior to 1689, and of Earlier Can Christie, Susan Cantrill 1908
Canynges Memorials of the Canynges' Family and Their Times: Their Claim to be Reguarded as the Founders and Restores of Westbury College and Redcliffe Church, Pryce, George 1854
Capen The Capen Family. Descendants of Bernard Capen of Dorchester, Mass… Hayden, Rev Charles Albert 1919
Capron Banfield Capron, From A.D. 1660 to A.D. 1859…. Holden, Frederic 1859
Carhart A Genealogical Record of the Descendants of Thomas Carhart, of Cornwall, England Mary E. Carhart Dusenbury 1880
Carlock History of the Carlock Family and Adventures of Pioneer Americans: Including the Kimbrough, Goodpasture, Hoyl, Fite, Fancher, Lee, Wells, Judy, Tracey Carlock, Marion Pomercy 1929
Carlson A Genealogy of Charles Carlson and Caroline Marie Haas, Utah Immigrants Bullock, Kenneth 1967
Carman Thomas C. Carman and Phebe Pruden Carman. A Family History with Historical and Genealogical Notes on Branches…. Carman, Albert Pruden 1935
Carmichael The Scottish Highlander Carmichaels of the Carolinas Carmichael, Roderick L. 1935
Carney Genealogy of the Carney Family: Descendants of Mark Carney and Suzanne Goux, His Wife, of Pownalboro, Maine, 1751-1903 Carney, Sydney H. 1904
Carpenter History and Genealogy of the Carpenter Family in America from the Settlement at Providence, R.I. 1637-1901 Carpenter, Daniel Hoogland 1901
Carpenter Samuel Carpenter and His Descendants Carpenter, Edward 1912
Carpenter Genealogical Notes of the Carpenter Family Including the Autobiography, and Personal Reminiscences of Dr. Seymour Carpenter Walker, Edwin Sawyer 1907
Carpenter Genealogical and Historical Record of the Carpenter Family, with A Brief Genealogy of some of the descendants of William Carpenter, of Weymouth…. Usher, James 1883
Carpenter History and Genealogy of the Carpenter Family in America From the Settlement at Providence, R. I. 1637-1901 Carpenter, Daniel Hoogland 1901
Carpenter Genealogy of One Branch of the Carpenter Family Roberts, Martin L. 1877
Carpenter The Carpenter Family History Carpenter, John Lylie, et al 1960
Carpenter A Genealogical History of the Rehoboth Branch of the Carpenter Family in America Carpenter, Amos B 1898
Carpenter Carpenter and Allied Families: Genealogical and Biographical Carpenter, Annie I. 1930
Carpentier (De) De Carpentier Allied Ancestry: Ancestry of Maria de Carpentier, wife of Jean Paul Jacquet, vicedirector and Cief Magistrate on South River of New Ne.. Sellers, Edwin Jaquett 1928
Carr The Carr Book. Sketches of the Lives of Many of the Descendants of Robert and Caleb Carr whose Arrival on this Continent…. Carr, Arthur A. 1947
Carr The House of Carr. A Historical Sketch of the Carr Family from 1450 to 1926 Watson, W. L. 1926
Carr The Carr Family Records. Embacing(sic) the Record of the First Families who Settled in America and Their Descendants… Carr, Edson I. 1894
Carrell The Descendants of James Carrell and Sarah Dungan, His Wife Carrell, Ezra Patterson 1928
Carruth Genealogy of a Branch of the Carruth Family, or, The Decendants of James Carruth of Phillipston Carruth, Arthur Jay 1926
Carskaddan Notes on Carskaddan Genealogy Bishop, Jerome C. 1949
Carter The Descendants of Captain Carter of Barford Miller, Joseph L. 1912
Carter Bi-Centenary memorial of Jeremiah Carter Who Came to the Province of Pennsylvania in 1682 Containing a Historic-Genealogy of his Descendants down to Potts, Thomas M. 1883
Carter Giles Carter of Virginia: Genealogical Memoir Carter, William H. 1909
Carter Joseph Oliver Carter the Founder of the Carter Family in Hawaii with a Brief Genealogy Carter, George Robert 1915
Carter A Genealogy of the Descendants of Thomas Carter of Reading and Weston, Massachusetts and of Hebron and Warren, Connecticut. Also Some Account of the Carter, Howard W 1909
Carter John Carter of Providence, Rhode Island, July 21, 1745-August 19, 1814 and His Descendants A Brief Narrative Woods, John Carter Brown 1918
Carter Genealogy of William R. Carter of the State of Pennsylvania, of Loudon Co. Virginia, of Preble Co. Ohio and Clinton Co. Ind…. Carter, F. R. Nichols 1970
Carter Carter: A Genealogy of the Decendants of Samuel and Thomas, sons of Rev. Samuel Carter: 1640-1886 Carter, Clara A., et al 1887
Carter Carter of Tennessee: Including the Taylors: Decendants of Colonel John Carter of Tennessee Carther, David Wendel 1927
Carteret Carteret and Bryant Genealogy Baetjer, Catherina Romana 1887
Carthart A Genealogical Record of the Descendants of Thomas Carhart of Cornwall, England Dusenbury, Mary E 1880
Cartwright Edward Cartwright (1640-1705) of Nantucket, Mass. Some of His Descendants and Their Allied Families Compiled from data Furnished from the Notes… Mack, Stanley L. 1936
Carver Genealogy of William Carver from Hertfordshire, England in 1682 Carver, Elias 1903
Carver The Carver Family of New England. Robert Carver of Marshfield and His Descendants Carver, Clifford N 1935
Cary The Cary Family in England Cary, Henry Grosvernor 1906
Cary John Cary the Plymouth Pilgrim Cary, Seth C 1911
Cary The Virginia Carys: An Essay in Genealogy Harrison, Fairfax 1919
Cary Eleazer Cary Family with Affiliated Lines. Also Items of Interest to Other Lines Smith, Mrs. A. C. 1908
Cary Cary Memorials (Primarily of John of Plymouth County) Cary, S. F. 1874
Cary Cary-Estes Genealogy Webb, May Folk and Patrick M Estes 1939
Cary The Cary Family in America Cary, Henry G. 1907
Caryl The Caryl Family in England and America: Being a Genealogical History of the Family of this Name, Supported by Pedigrees, Historical Papers, Vital … Caryl, Arthur 1937
Case Case School of Applied Science. Leonard Case, Rs., 1786-1864, William Case, 1818-1862, Leonard Case, Jr., 1820-1880, a Biographical Sketch of the Cleveland, James D 1891
Case Some descendants of John Case of Simsbury, Conn. Heinz, John W, et al
Casey The Casey Family of East Greenwich: An Account of Some Men who Lived on Main Street in a small Town Meader, Charles A 1927
Caspar The Annals of the Families of Caspar, Henry, Baltzer and George Spengler, who Settled in York County Respectively in 1729 Spangler, Edward W. 1896
Cassel A Genealogical History of the Cassell Family in America Being the Descendants of Julius Kassel or Yelles Cassel of Kriesheim, Baden, Germany…. Cassel, Daniel K. 1896
Castner The Kastner or Castner Family of Pennsylvania Castner, Samuel, Jr. 1901
Castor The Castor Family in Pennsylvania Martin, George C. 1910
Catching The Catching and Holliday Families and Various Related Families in Virginia, Georgia, Mississippi and Other Southern States Catchings, Thomas Cledinen 1921
Cate The Cate-Cates Family of New England Cates, Edward Earle and M. Ray Sanborn 1904
Caton Early Catonsville and the Caton Family Keidel, George C. 1944
Caton Biographical Sketch of John Dean Caton, ex Chief-Justice of Illinois Fergus, Robert 1882
Caudebec Caudebec in America: A Record of the Decendants of Jacques Caudebec, 1700 to 1900 Cuddeback, William Louis 1919
Cave Data on the History of the Cave Family Fitzgerald, William 1960
Cave Benjamin Cave 1760-1842 DeView, Donna Harper 1960
Cavendish The Cavendish Family Bickley, Francis Lawrence 1911
Caverly Genealogy of the Caverly Family, From the Year 1116 to the Year 1880… Caverly, Robert Boodey 1880
Caverno Record of the Caverno Family Caverno, Arthur 1874
Ceballos Royal Warrant of Nobility and Blazonry of Mr. John Emanuel de Ceballos Sanchez Rubayo y Herrera ----- 1913
Cessna The House of Cessna Cessna, Howard 1903
Chace Genealogical Record of the Chace and Hathaway Families from 1630 to 1900 Case, C. A. 1900
Chadbourn The Chadbourne-Chadbourne Genealogy Emery, William M. 1904
Chafee Chafee and L Bosquet Families: An Informal Genealogy of Olivia Kate Chafee, her Husband Maurice LeBousquet and their Children LeBosquet, Olivia Kate and William Ellis 1955
Chaffee The Chaffee Genealogy. Embracing the Chafe, Chafy, Chafie, Chafey, Chafee, Chaphe….1635-1909 Chafee, William H. 1909
Chaffee The Berkshire, Vermont, Chaffees and their Descendants, 1801-1911. A Short Biography of Comfort Chaffee…. Elliott, Almer J 1951
Chaffin History of Robert Chaffin and His Descendants and of the Other Chaffins of America Chaffin, William L 1915
Chalk The Chalk Family of England and America: 1066-1942 Hyman, Minna Chalk Scott 1942
Chalk The Levi Chalk Genealogy Earp, Charles Albert 1965
Chamberlain William Chamberlain of Billerica, Massachusetts and His Descendants Chamberlain, George W 1911
Chamberlain Report of Annual Meetings… Descendants of Henry Chamberlain of Hingham, England …. Chamberlain Association of America 1908
Chamberlain A Genealogical Record of the descendants of Benjamin Chamberlain, of Sussex County, New Jersey, together with Brief Historical and Biographical ….. Fretz, Reverend A. J. 1907
Chamberlain Chamberlain: Annual Reports for 1908-1910 The Chamberlain Association 1910
Champion The Champion Genealogy. A History of the Descendants of Henry Champion of Saybrook and Lyme, Connecticut Together with Some Account of Other Families. Bacon, Francis 1891
Chandler A Sketch of the Chandler Family in Worcester, Massachusetts Sturgis, E.O.P. 1903
Chandler Ancestry of Lydia Mehitable Chandler Goding, F. W. 1904
Chandler Partial Genealogy of the Chandler Family 18??
Chandler The Descendants of Roger Chandler of Concord, Massachusetts 1658 Chandler, Charles H 1949
Chandler The Chandler Family. Genealogy of a Branch Pickford, A. M. 1903
Chandler The Chandler Family. The Descendants of William and Annis Chandler who Settled in Roxbury, Massachusetts 1637 Chandler, George 1883
Chandler The Chandler Family: The Descendants of William and Annis Chandler Who Settled in Roxbury, MA 1637 ( 2 Volumes) Chandler, George 1872
Chandler The John Chandler Family of Green and Taylor Counties, Kentucky Sanders, Walter 1947
Chandler Chandler Parsons: Edmond Chaundeler, Geoffrey Parsons, and Allied Families Lowell, Mary C. 1911
Chapin The Chapin Genealogy, Containg a Very Large Proportion of the Descendants of Dea. Samuel Chapin, Who Settled in Springfield, Mass Chapin, Orange 1862
Chapin The Chapin Gathering. Proceedings at the Meeting of the Chapin Family, in Springfield, Mass., September 17, 1862 1862
Chapin Chapins who Served in the French and Indian Wars, 1754-1759: The Revolutionary War, 1775-1783, the War of 1812-1815, and Others… Chapin, Charles Wells 1895
Chapin The Chapin Book of Genealogical Data. With Brief Biographical Sketches of the Descendants of Deacon Samuel Chapin Chapin, Gilbert Warren 1924
Chapin Life of Deacon Samuel Chapin, of Springfield Chapin, Howard M. 1908
Chaplin John Chaplin (1758-1837) of Rowley, Mass., and Bridgton, ME; His Ancestry and Descendants Ellis, Milton and Leola C. 1949
Chapman Edward Chapman of Ipswich, Massachusetts in 1644 and Some of His Descendants Lapham, Rev Jacob and Doctor W. B. 1878
Chapman Descendants of Ralph Chapman Gerard, Charles B 1876
Chapman The Chapman Family of the Descendants of Robert Chapman Chapman, Reverend F. W 1854
Chapman Chapman Genealogy Being the Descendants of John Chapman, the First Settler of Stonington, Conn., who Married Sarah Brown Down Ten Generations from Chapman, Emilias Ravaud 1931
Chappelear Chappelear Chappeleaer, George W 1932
Chappell A Genealogical History of the Chappell, Dickie, and Other Kindred Families of Virginia. 1635-1900 Chappell, Phil E. 1900
Chartier Our Family History. Descendants and Ancestors of our Great Grandparents John and Charlotte (Phelps) Chariter-Carter from Milton, Quebec… Carter, Ethalmae Eylar 1958
Chase A Genealogical Memoir of the Chase Family Chase, George B. 1869
Chase Chase and Allied Families: Genealogical and Historical Chase, Nisa Sawyer 1930
Chase Genealogy of the Ancestors and Descendants of Joseph Chase who Died in Swanzey Chase, Oliver 1874
Chase Genealogy of Champion Spalding Chase and Mary Sophronia Butterfield, his wife Chase, Champion S 1894
Chase Seven Generations of the Descendants of Aquila and Thomas Chase Chase, John Carroll and George Walter Chaberlain 1928
Chase Reminiscences of the Family of Moody Chase of Shirley Massachusetts. Also a Brief Account of His Ancestry Chase, William 1888
Chase Genealogy of a Portion of the Descendants of William Chase Chase, George Whitefield 1886
Chase Sidney Edward and Elizabeth B. (Miller) Chase's Descendants Maly, Gladys Elizabeth 1970
Chase More Descendants of William Chase of Yarmouth: Being the Progeny of William Chase (1787-1843) of Wyoming County, New York, and Livingston County, Loftin, Amy Chase 1968
Chase Chase-Seely Family Chase, Mary H. -----
Chastain A Brief History of the Huguenots and Three Family Trees, Chastain-Lochridge-Stockton Chatain, James B 1933
Chattan An Account of the Confederation of Clan Chattan; Its Kith and Kin Fraser-Mackintosh, Charles 1898
Chauncey The Chauncey Family: Nine Generations, 1590-1934 Todd, Stanton W. 1934
Chauncey Memorials of the Chaunceys, Including President Chauncey, His Ancestors and Descendants Fowler, William Chaucey 1858
Checkley The Checkley Family ----- 1848
Cheever The Cheever Family Hassam, John T 1896
Cheney The Cheney Genealogy Pope, Charles Henry 1897
Chesbrough Genealogy of the Descendants of William Chesbrogh of Boston, Rehoboth, Mass., the Founder and First White Settler of Stonington, Conn., Born 1594, in Widley, Anna Chesbrough 1903
Chesebrogh Genealogy and Descendants of William Chesebrough Wildey, Anna C. 1903
Chesebrough Biographical Sketch of William Chesebrough Chesebrough, Amos S. 1893
Chesman Genealogy of the Chesman Family in the United States From 1713 to 1893 Chessman, Samuel 1893
Chester Genealogical Chart of the Chester Family. Together with other Lineal Ancestors of the Compiler Backus, J. B. 1893
Chester Genealogical Memoirs of the Families of Chester of Bristol, Barton Regis, London… Waters, Robert E. 1881
Chetwynd The Chetwynds of Ingestre: Being a History of that Family from a Very Early Date Chetwynd-Stapylton, Henry Edward 1892
Chichele Stemmata Chicheleana, or, A Genealogical Account of Some of the Families Derived from Thomas Chichele of Higham-Ferrers in the County of Northampton: Buckler, Benjamin 1765
Chichele A Supplement to the Stemmata Chicheleana: Containing Corrections and Very Large Additions to the Tables of Descents from Thomas Chichele of Buckler, Benjamin 1775
Child Child Genealogy Child, Issac 19??
Child Genealogy of the Child, Childs Child, Elias 1881
Chipman Chipmans in Maine. Chipman, Alberto L. 1897
Chipman The Chipman Family: A Genealogy of the Chipmans in America, 1631-1920 Chipman, Alberto Lee 1921
Chipman The Chipman Lineage Particulalry as in Essex County, Massachusetts Chipman, Manning R. 1872
Chipman A Chipman genealogy, circa 1583-1969, beginning with John Chipman (1620-1708), first of that surname to arrive in the Massachusetts Bay Colony… Chipman, John H. 1970
Chipp The Chipp Family in England and America with Genealogical Tree, Also, Historical and Genealogical notes on Allied Families Burnett, Charles H 1933
Chisholm Chisolm Genealogy: Being a Record of the Name and A. D. 1254, with Short Sketches of Allied Families Chisolm, William G. 1914
Chisholm Chisholm-Sinclair Genealogy: Being the American Descendants of Archibald and Mary (Scott) Chislholm and John and Mary (Graham) Sinclair Hibner, Aldis Everard 1948
Chisholm The Chisholms: Being a Brief History of the Origin of the Chisholm Family with Special Reference to the Chisholms of Maryland Nydegger, James Archibald 1922
Chism A Chism Family Wood, Melba and John Richard 1968
Chisolm Chisolm Genealogy. Being a Record of the Name from A. D. 1254 With Short Sketches of Allied Families Chisolm, William Garnett 1914
Chittenden Chittenden Family: William Chittenden of Guilford, Conn. And His Descendants Talcott, Alvan 1882
Choate The Choates in America. 1643-1896. John Choate and His Descendants. Chebacco, Ipswich, Mass. Jameson, E. O. 1896
Chopin,Mattox,Armour Lineage of Simeon Brooks Chapin. Chapin-Armour-Mattocks Families Chapin, Jennie Belle 1935
Choteau Creoles of St. Louis. Choteau Family Beckwith, Paul 1893
Chouteau The Chouteau Family: A Genealogy of descendants and Collateral Branches Turner, Beatrice Clark 1934
Christian Christian-Skelton History and Genealogy Bailey, T. H. 1964
Christopher Christophers Genealogy: Jeffrey and Christopher Christophers of New London, Conn., and Their Descendants Totten, John R 1921
Church Descendants of Captain Samuel Church of Churchville Emens, Etta 1920
Church Descendants of Richard Church of Plymouth, Massachusetts Church, John A. 1913
Church Simeon Church of Chester, Connecticut 1708-1792 and His Descendants Church, Charles 1914
Church Church Family Record ----- 1888
Churchill The Churchill Family in America Churchill, Gardner Asaph et al 1904
Churchill The Churchill Family Bodge, George M. 1904
Chute A Genealogy and History of the Chute Family in America with Some Account of the Family in Great Britain and Ireland…. Chute, Wm. E. 1894
Cilley Ancestral Records and Genealogical Notes of the Cilley, Hunt, Skinner and Allied Family Lines Bailey, Marion L. C. 1925
Cilley Cilley Family Cilley, Jonathan P 1878
Claflin Genealogy of the Claflin Family Being a Record of Robert Mackclothlan of Wenham, Massachusetts and of His Descendants 1661-1898 Wight, Charles 1903
Claggett Genealogical Narrative. A History of the Claggett Irvine Clans Chambers, Edith K. 1940
Claghorne The Barony of Cleghorne. A. D. 1203, Lanakshire, Scotland to the Family of Claghorn A. D. 1912 Claghorn, William Crumby 1912
Claiborne William Claiborne of Virginia: With some Account of His Pedigree Claiborne, John Herbert 1917
Clapp The Clapp Memorial: Record of the Clapp Family in America, Containing Sketches of the Original Six Emigrants, and a Genealogy of Their Descendants Clapp, Ebenezer 1876
Clapp Fifty Ancestors who Came to New England (2 parts) Clapp, Henry Lincoln 1905
Clapp The Clapp Memorial. Record of the Clapp Family in America, Containing Sketches of the Original six Emigrants and a Genealogy… Clapp, Ebenezer 1876
Clapp Fifty Ancestors of Henry Lincoln Clapp Who Came to New England From 1620 to 1650. 1902
Clark Records of the Descenedants of Hugh Clark of Watertown, Mass. 1640-1866 Clark, John 1866
Clark The Ebenezer Clark Family History Clark, Audria 1958
Clark The Clark Family Genealogy in the United States. A Genealogical Record showing sources of English… Clark, A. W. 1907
Clark A Genealogical History of the Clark & Worth families and other Puritan settlers in the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Johnson, Carol C. 1970
Clark An Account of the Ancestors and Descendants of John Lardner Clark, and Sophia Marion Ross Sims, Clifford Stanley 1870
Clark Jacob Clark of Abbeville, South Carolina Clark, Eve T. 1926
Clark A Record of the Lands and Past Descendants of Henry and Anne Clark Clark, Henry S. 1909
Clark Lineage of Chovine Richardson Clark, Manning, South Carolina. On Father's side: Clark, Dupont, Guerry, Graves, Kimmel, Long, Perdriau, Phillips. On Clark, Chovine R 1969
Clark Record of the Family of David Clark of Northampton, Mas.: Who Was Born September 24th, 1729 and Died November 13th, 1810 Clark, L.H. 1857
Clark Loyalist Clarks, Badgleys and Allied Families Part I: Ancestors and Descendants of Matthias and Racel (Abbott) Badgeley… Watson, Estelle 1954
Clark Some Recent Finds Reguarding the Ancestry of General George Rogers Clark Truston, R.C. Ballard 1935
Clark The Clarks: An American Phenomenon Mangam, William D. 1941
Clark Materials for Genealogies of Certain Families of Clarks, Early Settled in Essex County Clarke, George Kuhn 1889?
Clark Clark of Elizabeth Town in New Jersey Clark, Elmer Sayre 1942
Clark The Clark Family Genealogy Clark, Donald Robert 1955
Clark Ancestry of General Emmons Clark of New York City 1891
Clark The History and Genealogy of Our Branch of the Clark Family and Its Connections with The Shattucks on My Father's Side…. Clark, George Washington 1898
Clark History and Genealogy of Samuel Clark, Sr., and His Descendants from 1636-1892, 256 Years Clark, Rev. Edgar W. 1892
Clark The Thomas Clark Family. Genealogy of the Descendants of Thomas Clark of Plymouth, 1623 Radasch, Arthur Hitchcock and Katerine Warner 1972
Clark A Record of the Descendants of John Clark of Farmington, Conn. The Male Branches Brought Down to 1882. The Female Branches… Gay, Julius 1882
Clark Alexander Clark, Loyalist Wright, Esther Clark 1940
Clark (Clark) The Ancestors of My Children. And Other Related Children of the Generations Living in the Morining of the Twentieth Century Clark, William Copeland 1906
Clark Decendants of General Jonathan Clark: Jefferson County, Kentucky, 1750-1811 Dorman, John Frederick 1949
Clark Genealogies of the Clark, Parks, Brockman and Dean Families in Three Parts/ Clark, Henry William 1905
Clark Richard Clarke of Rowley, Massachusetts: and His Descendants in the Line of Timothy Clark of Rockingham, VT, 1638-1904: With an Account of the Peck, Thomas Bellows 1905
Clark A Hoosier Register. The Descendants of Daniel Clark and Mary (Clark) Noftsger Perry Sausaman, William Amel 1962
Clark James Clark, Mansfield Christopher Clark and Allied Families McNaught, Virginia Eliza Hodge 1934
Clark The Clark Genealogy. Some Descendants of Daniel Clark, of Windsor, Connecticut, 1639-1913 Walton, Emma Lee 1913
Clarke Clarke's Kindred Genealogies: A Genealogical History of Certain Decendants of Joseph Clarke, Dorchester, 1630, Denice Darling, Braintree…. Clarke, Augustus Peck 1896
Clarke Genealogical Runinations: The Clarke Ancestry John Jackson Clarke 1939
Clarke Ancestry of Jeremy Clarke of Rhode Island and Dungan Genealogy Justice, Alfred. R. 1922
Clarke Clarke Genealogies. The Clarke Families of Westerly; Jeremiah Clarke of Newport; John Clarke of Newport; etc Morrison, George A. 1902
Clarke Records of the Descendants of Thomas Clarke, Plymouth, 1623-1697 Johnson, Rev. William W. 1884
Clarke Records of Some of the Descendants of Thomas Clarke, Plymouth, 1623-1697 Clarke, Samuel C. 1869
Clarke John Clarke of Hartford and Saybrook, Conn., and Some of His Descendants Kyes, Helen Myers 1912
Clarke Genealogy of the Descendants of Nathaniel Clarke of Newbury, MA Clarke, George Kuhn 1883
Clarke Deacon George Clark(e) of Milford, Connecticut and Some of His Descendants Bryant, George Clarke 1949
Clarke Genealogy and History of the Descendants of John Clarke of Wenham, MA Hinkley, Marlene A. 1968
Clarke The Descendants of Nathaniel Clarke and His Wife Elizabeth Somerby of Newbury, Massachusetts. A History of Ten Generations 1642-1902. Clarke, George K. 1902
Clarkson Memoirs of Matthew Clarkson of Philadelphia, 1735-1800 by his Great Grandson John Hall, and of His Brother Gerardus Clarkson… Hall, John 1890
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