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Family Names Starting with the Letter B

 Family Title Author Year Price
Babbitt The Babbitt Family History, 1643-1900, 2 vols Browne, William Bradford 1912
Babcock Genealogical Record of Nathaniel Babcock, Simeon Main, Isaac Miner, Ezekiel Main Brown, Cyrus H 1909
Babcock Babcock Genealogy Babcock, Stephen 1903
Babcock Isaiah Babcock, Rs, and His Descendants Babcock, A. Emerson 1903
Baber Baber Family. Somerset County, England.
Bachelder The Hard Case of the Founder of Old Hampton: Wrongs of Rev. stephen Bachiler Sanborn, F. B. 1900
Backus A Genealogical Memoir of the Backus Family with the Private Journal of James Backus, together with his Correspondance… Backus, William W. 1889
Backus The Backus Families of Early New England Backus , Reno W 1966
Backus The New England Ancestry of Dana Converse Backus Backus, Mary E. N. 1949
Bacon Bacon Genealogy. Michael Bacon of Dedham, 1640 and his Descendants Baldwin, Thomas 1915
Bacon The Bacon Family Genealogy Taylor, Arthur and Casius Bacon 1922
Bacon A Genealogy of Asa Bacon Bacon, Erdix N. 1915
Badcock The Family of Badcock of Massachusetts Appleton, W. S. 1881
Badger Giles Badger and his Descendants. First Four Generations and A Portion of the Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Generations Badger, John Cogswell 1909
Baer The Genealogy of Henry Baer Baer, Willis N. 1955
Baer Genealogy of :Johannes Baer, 1749-1910 Bare, Daniel M and Robert Bruce Bare 1910
Bagenal Vicissitudes of An Anglo-Irish Family. 1530-1800 Bagenal, Philip H 1925
Bagshawe Hand-list of the Bagshawe Muniments Deposited in the John Rylands Library Taylor, Frank 1955
Baildon Baildon and the Baildons. A History of a Yorkshire Manor and Family Baildon, W. Paley 1912
Bailey Bailey Genealogy. James, John and Thomas and Their Descendants Bailey, Hollis R 1899
Bailey Records of the Bailey Family. Descendants of William Bailey of Newport, Rhode Island 1895
Bailey The Genealogical Record of the Descendants of James Bailey - Levi Bailey in Westchester and Putnam Counties, NY Taft, George 1948
Bailey Bailey Hobson Lineage: Du Page County, Illinois Vandercook, Dorothy P 1952
Bailey Bailey-Britton History and Genealogy Bailey. T. H. 1962
Bailey Ancestry of Joseph Trowbridge Bailey of Philadelphia and Catherine Goddard Weaver of Newport, Rhode Island Bailey, Joseph Trowbrige 1892
Bailey The Baileys of Baileytown. A Genealogy of the South Jersey Baileys with Especial Reference to the Descendants of Edward Bailey, Sr., of Cumberland Cou Bailey, Norman Walter 1945
Bailey Proceedings of the Second Annual Gathering of the Bailey-Bayley Family Bailey - Bayley Family Association. 1894-1911
Bailey Origin and History of the Name of Bailey: With Biographies of all the Most Notes Persons of That Name and an Account of the Origin of Surnames and ------ 1904
Bailleuls The Bailleuls of Flanders Bayley, Francis 1881
Baily Genealogy of the Baily Family of Bromham, Wiltshire, England…. Cope, Gilbert 1912
Baird Baird and Beard Families. A Genealogical, Biographical, and Historical Collection of Data Catchings, Fermine Baird 1918
Baird Genealogical Collections Concerning the Sir-Name of Baird and the Families of Auchmedden, Newbyth, and Sauchton…. Baird, William 1870
Baker Baker Family Records Seaver, J. Montgomery 1929
Baker Baker and Allied Families Baker, Harry J., II 1961
Baker Genealogy Chart: Andreas Baker and Decendants, April 21, 1943 Baker, Henry Jacob 1943
Baker Baker Ancestry. The Ancestry of Samuel Baker, of Pleasant Valley, Steuben County, New York, With Some of his Descendants Baker, Frank 1914
Baker Memorial of Mr. Justice Frank Baker: An Appendix to Baker Ancestry Andrews, Ethel Baker 1916
Baker Genealogical Record, Rev. Nicholas Baker (1610-1678) and His Descendants Fred A. Baker 1917
Baker A Genealogy of the Descendants of Edward Baker of Lynn, Mass, 1630 Baker, Nelson M. 1867
Baker A Genealogy of Eber and Lydia Smith Baker of Marion, Ohio and Their Descendants Baker, Elwood T 1909
Baker Genealogies of the Following Families, Baker family, Steel Family, Sturges Family, Shephard Family, Hall Family, Lytle Family. Baker, Francis A. 1909
Bakewell The Family Book of Bakewell, Page, Campbell, Being Some Account of the Descendants of John Bakewell, of Castle Donington, Leicestershire, England…. Bakewell, B. G. 1896
Balch Genealogy of the Balch Families in America Balch, Galusha B. 1897
Balch Balch Genealogica Balch, Thomas Willing 1907
Balch Genealogical Chart of Balch Family of New England. Showing Male Lines of Descent from the First Colonial John Balch to the Grandparents of the Present Balch, Samuel W. 1905
Baldwin Genealogy and Reminiscences of our Baldwin Family Baldwin, James 1916
Baldwin The Baldwin Genealogy From 1500-1881 Baldwin, Charles Candee 1881
Baldwin Investiagtions Concerning the Family of Baldwin of Ashton Clinton, Bucks Chester, Joseph L. 1884
Baldwin A Brief Genealogy of the Baldwins Baldwin, N. A. 1891
Baldwin A Record of Descendants of John Baldwin of Stonington Connecticut; with Notices of Other Baldwins Who Settled in America in Early Colonial Times Baldwin, John D. 1880
Baldwin The Baldwin Genealogy, Supplement Baldwin, C. C. 1889
Baldwin The Decendants of Deacon Aaron Baldwin of North Branford, Conn., 1724-1800 with a Brief Account of his Ancestors Baldwin, George E. 1907
Balfour The Balfours of Pilrig. A History for the Family Balfour-Melville, Barbara 1907
Ball Francis Ball's Descendants or the West Springfield Ball Family from 1640 to 1902 Ball, T. H. 1902
Ball The Ball Family of Southwest Virginia. A Genealogy of Some of the Descendants of Moses Ball of Fairfax County Ball, Palmer R. 1933
Ball The Material Ancestry and Nearest of Kin of Washington: A Monograph Ball, George Washington 1885
Ball Recollections of the Ball Family of South Carolina Simons, Deas Anne 1909
Ball Balls of Stafford & Fairfax County, VA Ball, Bonnie S. 1961
Ball Ball Family Records: Genealogical Memoirs of Some Ball Families in Great Britain, Ireland and America Wright, William B. 1908
Ball A Pennsylvania Pioneer: Biographical Sketch With Report of the Executive Committee of the Ball Estate Associaition. Gans, Emmett William 1900
Ball Edward Ball and Some of His Descendants Ball, Nicholas 1891
Ball Colonel William Ball of Virginia. The Great Grandfather of Washington Heck, Earl L. W. 1928
Ball The Descendants of John Ball of Watertown, Massachusetts, 1630-1635 Dinsmore, Warren, et al 1932
Ball History of the Ball Family Bradley, Leonard A. 1916
Ballard Ballard Genealogy. The Descendants of Israel Ballard (1748-1810) and Alice Fuller (his wife) (1751-1796) Dodge, Melvin Gilbert 1942
Ballard Ballard Genealogy. William Ballard (1603-1639) of Lynn, Masschusetts and William Ballard (1617-1689) of Andover, Massachusetts and Their Descendants Farlow, Charles Frederic 1911
Ballard The Ballard History from 1420 to 1903: Keep the Record Clean 1903
Ballard The Ballard Family. A List of the Descendants of Israel Ballard (1748-1810) and Alice (Fuller) Ballard (1751-1796) Dodge, Melvin Gilbert 1934
Ballard William Ballard: A Genealogical Record of His Descendants in Monroe County Ballard, Margaret B. 1957
Balliet The Balliet, Balliett, Balliette, Balyeat, Bolyard and Allied Families Balliet, Stephen Clay 1968
Ballif Genealogical Records from Mrs. Serge Ballif Ballif, Serge 197?
Ballinger The Ballinger Family from 1660 to 1900 including Seven Generation Harvey, Lanson B. 1929
Balliol The Royal Manor of Hitchin: and Its Lords, Harold and the Balliols Huyshe, Wentworth 1906
Ballou An Elaborate History and Genealogy of the Ballous in America Ballou, Adin 1888
Ballou The Ballous in America. An Addendum to the Original History and Genealogy of the Ballous in America Jilson, Myrtle M 1942
Ballou The Ballous in America. An Addendum to the Original History and Genealogy of the Ballous in America. Works Progress Administration 1937
Baltzy Genealogy of the Baltzly, Balsley, Polsley Family With Other Variations of the Name. Also A Sketch of Major William Haymond Bryan, Katherine A. Polsley 1939
Bancker A Partial History and Genealogical Record of the Banckers Banker, Howard 1909
Bancroft Thomas Bancroft of Dedham and Reading, Massachusetts and Some of His Decendants Allen, John K 1940
Bancroft Ethan Bancrof'ts Ancestry and Descendants Fant, Luella B 1932
Bancroft Some Ancestors of Moses Bancroft and Some of His Descendants Parks, Frank Sylvester 1934
Bancroft Charles Bancroft of Montreal: His Ancestors Thomas Bancroft of England and Reading, Mass… Abbott-Smith, George and James Bancroff 1943
Bancroft Data Concerning the Families of Bancroft, Bradstreet, Browne, Dudley, Emerson, Gamble, Goodridge, Gould…. Gamble, Thomas 1906
Banghart History and Genealogy of the Jacob Banghart Family. New Jersey Tercentenary Edition 1664-1964 Mullin, Frederick L 1964
Banghart Supplement to History and Genealogy of the Jacob Banghart Family Mullin, Frederick L., editor 1968
Bangs History and Genealogy of the Bangs Family in America Dudley, Dean 1896
Banks Genealogical Notes Concerning the Banks and Allied Families Banks, James Lenox 1938
Banning Genealogical and Biographical Records of the Banning and Allied Families Banning,Kate 1924
Banta A Frisian Family. The Banta Genealogy. Descendants of Epke Jacobse, who Came from Friesland, Netherlands, to New Amsterdam, February, 1659 Banta, Theodore M. 1893
Barackman Some Bible Records on a Family Named Barackman Barekman, June Beverly 1953
Barber Barber Genealogy (in Two Sections). Section I. Descendants of Thomas Barber of Windsor, Conn 1614-1909; SectionII. Descendants of John Barber of…. White, John Barber 1909
Barber Genealogy of the Barber Family: The Descendants of Robert Barber, of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania Barber, Edwin Atlee 1890
Barclay A Genealogical Account of the Barclays of Urie, for Upwards of Seven Hundred Years… Barclay, Robert 1812
Barclay The Barclays of New York: Who they Are and Who They are Not, and Some Other Barclays Moffat, R. Burnham 1904
Barcroft Barcroft Family Records. An Account of the Family in England and the Descendants of Ambrose Barcroft the Emigrant of Solebury, Pennsylvania Runk, Emma Ten Broeck 1910
Bard The Bard Family. A History and Genealogy of the Bards of Carroll's Delight Together with A Chronicle of the Bards and Genealogies of the Bard Kinshi Seilhamer, G. O. 1908
Barger The Barger Journal 1924
Barham The Pedigree of the Family of Barham of England and Virginia Barham, Robert Young 1963
Barker The Barker Genealogy: Giving the Names and Descendants of Several Ancestors, Who Settled in the United States… Parshall, James 1897
Barker Barker Genealogy. Robert of Plymouth Colony, 1628, John of Duxbury, Mass, 1628, James of Rhode Island…. Barker, Elizabeth F 1927
Barker Story With Genealogy of Some of the Descendants of Nathan Barker of Sandisfield, Massachusetts Lord, William G and Ida B. Potter 1931
Barkman Some Bible Records on a Family Names Brackman, Barekman, Barickman, Barkman, Barrackman, Barrickman, Bergmann from Illinois, Barekman, June Beverly 1953
Barksdale Barksdale. Family History and Genealogy (with Collateral Lines) Barksdale, Capt John A. 1940
Barlow Supplement to the Barlow Family Records: Published September, 1932 Barlow, Montague and Mary B. Rundle 1935
Barlow Barlow Family Records Barlow, Sir Montague
Barlow Barlow and Allied Families Hawkins, Laura Campbell and Emma C. DeVries 1930
Barlow Genealogy of One Branch of the Barlow Family: With Side Lines of Knapp and Kingsley Families Barlow, Lena 1957
Barlow Family Genealogy Comprising the Ancestry and Descendants of Jonathan Barlow and Plain Rogers, of Delaware County, NY Barlow, George 1891
Barnes The Barnes Family of West Virginia. Being a Brief Account of This Branch of the Family in West Virgini Barnes, Rev. I. A. 1920
Barnes Ancestors and Descendants of Captain Benjamin Barnes and Charles Curtis of Granville, Massachusetts. 1636-1910 Barns, Abel Tuttle 1911
Barney Commodore Joshua Barney: Many Interesting Facts Connected with the Life of Commodore Joshua Barney…. Adamas, William Frederick 1912
Barney A few facts in Connection witht ehLife of Commodore Joshua Barney 1759-1818 Adams, William Frederick 1910
Barney Barney-Hosmer 1634-1635 1912
Barnstead The Barnstead Reunion, Celebrated at Barnstead, N. H. August 30, 1884 Colbath, Horace 1884
Barnwell Genealogical Chart. Barnwell of South Carolina Heyward, Barnwell Rhett 1898
Barr The Barr Family I.E. Steed 1955
Barr Barr Genealogy McLaren, Alice 1972
Barrackman The Barrackman-Barrickman Families of West Virginia Barekman, June B. 1961
Barrackman The Barrackman, Barkman, Barekman Family of Knox County, Indiana Barekman, June B. 1961
Barrickman The Genealogy of the Michael Barrickman Family Group of Frederick County, Maryland. And His Sons and Grandsons of Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Barekman, June Beverly 1968
Barrickman An Early Barrickman Line in the State of Kentucky Barekman, June Beverly 1956
Barroll Barroll in Great Britain and America 1554-1910 Barroll, Hope H 1910
Barry The Barry Family Records. Volume 1. Capt Charles Barry and His Descendants Parker, Laurence 1951
Barry William and Esther Barry and their Descendants: A Memorial Record Barry, Esther Stetson 1909
Barrymore Barrymore. Records of the Barrys of County Cork from the Earliest to the Present Time, with Pedigrees Barry, E. 1902
Bartholomew General Joseph Bartholomew, Forgotten Warrior Garber, Wesley 1962
Bartholomew Record of the Bartholomew Family: Historical, Genealogical, Biographical Bartholomew, George Wells 1885
Bartlett The Descendants of Samuel Colcord Bartlett, and Eleanor Pettengill Bartlett of Salisbury, New Hampshire: to March 1, 1930 Edwin Julius Bartlett 1930
Bartlett Genealogical and Biographical Sketches of the Bartlett Family in England and America Bartlett, Levi 1876
Bartlett Descendants of Abner Bartlett (1752-1801) Wife Drusilla Smith Bartlett (d. 1852) Bartlett, Louis A. and Helen N. 1970
Bartlett The Bartletts. Ancestral, Genealogical, Biographical Historical…. Bartlett, Thomas Edward 1892
Bartlett Aaron Bartlett of Brookfield, Revolutionary Soldier. With Some Descendants Bartlett, Nellie 1931
Bartlett A Genealogy of the Descendants of Joseph Bartlett of Newton, Mass for Seven Generations Hibner, Aldis Evrard 1934
Barton War Service Record and Memorial of Lester Clement Barton, Thyrza Barton Dean, William Sidney Barton, Raymond Welles Barton Barton, George Preston and Emma Welles Barton 1922
Barton Genealogy of the Barton Family: Of the Town of Marshall, Oneida County, New York Barton, Edward S. 1920
Barton Lieutenant Willaim Barton of Morris County, New Jersey. And His Descendants Barton, William Eleazar 1900
Bartoo Our Family Records Bartoo, Eli 1938
Bartow Bartow Genealogy. Containing every one of the Name of Bartow Descended from Doctor Thomas Bartow…. Bartow, Evelyn 1878
Bartram Genealogical Chart of the Bartam Family Bunting, Morgan 1895
Barwick The Barwick Family of the United States Barwick, Samuel Omar 1907
Baskerville Bakdeville, P. Hamilton 1917
Baskerville Genealogy of the Baskerville Family and Some Allied Families Including the English Descent from 1266 A. D. Baskervill, P. Hamilton 1912
Bass Decendants of Deacon Samuel & Ann Bass Bass, Charissa Taylor 1940
Bass Ancestors of Moses Belcher Bass, Born in Boston, July 1735, died Janauary 31, 1817. Also Contains the Ancestors of His Two Wifes. Elizabeth Wimble and Smith, Susan Augusta 1896
Bassett Bassett-Preston Ancestors. A History of the Ancestors in America…. Preston, Belle 1930
Bassett Researchers, Genealogical, Chronological, and Heraldic, Respecting the Family of Bassett Bassett, Christopher 18--
Bassett One Bassett Family in America: With All Connectiosn in America and Many in Great Britain and France: Principally an Outline of What the Ancestors Did Bassette, Buell Burdett 1926
Batchelder Batchelder, Batcheller Genealogy. Descendants of Rev. Stephen Bachiler, of England… Pierce, Frederick C. 1898
Batchelor A Genealogy of Dan Batchelor and David Neal Williams Williams, Lyle Keith 1968
Bates Bates, et al of Virginia and Missouri Bates, Onward 1914
Bates Bates, Bears and Bunker Hill. With a Correction or Two Deacon, Edward 1911
Battey Samson Battey of Rhode Island: The Immigrant Ancestor and His Descendants Battey, Herbert Verner and Louis Franklin Battey 1932
Battle The Battle Book. A Genealogy of the Battle Family in America Yelverton, Lois 1930
Batz The Batz-Baatz Family in America. Which Branch Descended from the Ancient Dukes of Gascogny, France…. Hamel, Claude Charles 1953
Bawdes Hadham Hall and the manor of Bawdes alias Hadham Parva in the County of Hertfordshire Minet, William 1914
Baxter The Baxter Family. Descendants of George and Thomas Baxter Baxter, Miss Frances 1913
Bayard Ancestral Sketches and Records of Olden Times Van Rensselaer, Sarah R 1882
Bayard The Bayard Family: An Address Read Before the New York Branch of The Order of Colonial Lords of Manors in America Atterbury, Mrs. Anson P. 1928
Bayley The Bayleys and Baileys in Descent from John Bailey Who Came to this Country in the Angel Gabriel in 1636 Bayley, Warren 1945
Baylor Baylor's History of the Baylors: A Collection of Records and Important Family Data Baylor, Orval Walker and Herny Bedinger Baylor 1914
Beach Beach in America. Containg General Information Regarding the Three Brothers… Beach, Elmer 1923
Beach The Ancestors and Descendants of Charles Brewster Beach Atwell, Charles Beach 1931
Beach Beach Family Reminiscences and Annals Beach, David Nelson 1931
Beach The Reverand John Beach and His Descendants: Together with Historical and Biographical Sketches and the Ancestry and Descendants of John Sanford of Beach, Rebecca Donaldson 1898
Beach The Descendants of Thomas Beach of Milford, Connecticut Mary E. Beach 1912
Beach Genealogy of the Beach Family of Connecticut: With Portions of the Genealogies of the Allied Familiesof Demmond, Walker, Gooding, and Carpenter McClaughry, Charles C. 1909?
Beal John Beal The Centenarian and Descendants John Beal, 1588-1688, Lived Fifty Years in England and Fifty Years in America, Fourteen Generations, Aldridge, Bertha B. B. 1956
Beal (Beal) Colonial Families of the United States Descended from the Immigrants who Arrived Before 1700 Beall, Fielder M. M. 1928
Beall The Ancestry and Descendants of Gustavus Beall and Thomas Heugh Beall. An Argument with proofs made in October, 1911… Shinn, Josiah H 1911
Beals Chronology of the Beals Family Beals, John 1912
Beaman The Beaman and Clark Genealogy. A History of the Descendants of Gamaliel Beaman and Sarah Clark… Wooden, Miss Emily 1909
Beamont A Beaumont Genealogical Chart Luckhardt, Arno B. 1937
Bean Proceedings of the John Bean (1660) Association: At its Annual Reunion at Portland, ME., August 31, 1899 John Bean Association 1899
Bear A Genealogy of the Bear Family and Biographical Record of the Descendants of Jacob Bear, 1747-1906 Bear, Walter Scott 1906
Beard Beard Family History and Genealogy Lindenberger, Ruth 1939
Beard A Genealogy of the Descendants of Widon Martha Beard of Milford, Conn. Beard, Ruth and John Gunn 1915
Beardsley Beardsley Genealogy. Lineage and Record of William Lincoln Beardsley and His Descendants Polk, Wilmot and Edna Rogers 1958
Bearse A Contribution to the Genealogy of the Bearse or Bearss Family in America, 1618-187… Newcomb, John Bearse 1871
Beatty Genealogical Record of the Families of Beatty, Egle, Muller, Murray, Orth, and Thomas Egle, William H. 1886
Beaty The Beatys of Kingston Barnhill, Edward Stanley 1958
Beauchamp The Family of James Mercer Beauchamp Beauchamp, William Hunt 1972
Beauchamp Two Registers Formely Belonging to the Family of Beauchamp of Hatch Lyle, H.C. Maxwell 1920
Beaufoy Leaves from a Beech Tree (Beaufoy Family) Beaufoy, Gwendolyn 1930
Bebb Bebb Genealogy. The Descendants of William Bebb and Martha Hughes of Llanbrynmair, Wales Bebb, Herbert 1944
Bechtel Judge Karl Bechtel of Hanau, Germany: His Forbears and Some of His Descendants, Including Notes on the Families of Dufay, Serrurier, Laufer, Hook, James W. 1936
Beckford The Beckford Family. Reminiscences of Fonthill Abbey and Lansdown Tower… 2nd edition Gregory, W. 1898
Beckham Genealogy of the Beckham Family in Virginia and the Branches Thereof in Kentucky, Tennessee, Pennsylvania and West Virginia, with Family Sketches Beckham, James Madison 1910
Beckwith Marvin Beckwith and His Wide Abigail Clark: Their Colonial Acestors, and Their Descendants Beckwith, Albert C. 1899
Beckwith Beckwith Notes ----- 1899
Beebe Beebe, Beebee, Beeby Seger, Adah B 1956
Beebe A Monograph of the Descent of the Family of Beebe from the Earliest Known Immigrant, John of Broughton, England, 1650: Including Details of Patriotic Beebe, Clarence 1904
Beecher Ancestors of Henry Ward Beecher and his wife Eunice White Bullard Frost, Josephine 1927
Beecher Saints, Sinners and Beechers Stowe, Lyman Beecher 1934
Beecher Genealogy of a Branch of the Beecher Family Hughes, Reuben Beecher 1898
Beekman Some Records of the Beekman Family Gibson, James R. 1888
Beekman Distinguished Families in America: Descended from Wihelmus Beekman and Jan Thomasse Van Dyke Aitken, William B. 1912
Beeler Beeler. Biography and Genealogy. Custer, Milo 1918
Beeson Beeson Genealogy Beeson, Jasper Luther 1925
Beeson The Beeson Family in America. First Four Generations Beeson, Henry 1925
Beeson A Genealogy of the Beeson-Beason Family Beeson, Henry H 1968
Beggs The Book of O'Beggs A Genealogical stury of the Beggs Family in America Also Gleanings Concerning this Ancient Gaelic Family of Beg-Begg-Begge-Beggs. Beggs, Robert Henry 1928
Beidler A Genealogical Record of the Descendants of Jacob Beidler of Lower Milford Township, Bucks Co, PA… Fretz, A. J. 1903
Belcher The Belcher Family in England and America. Comprehending a Period of Seven Hundred and Sixty-five years, with Particlular Reference to the Descendants Belcher, William 1941
Belden Concerning Some of the Ancestors and Decendants of Royal Denison Belden and Olive Cadwell Belden Belden, Jessie Perry 1898
Belden The Family History of Judge Ellsworth B. Belden and Collateral Families Belden, Stanley R. 1969
Bell The Bell Family of Mifflin County, Pennsylvania. The Ancestors and Descendants of John Henderson Bell of Decatur Township Bell, Raymond Martin 1941
Bell John Bell of Barres Township, Huntingston County, Pennsylvania: A Record of his Ancestors and Descendants Bell, Raymond M 1937
Bell John Bell of Londonderry and his Scottish Ancestry Bell, Louis 1920
Bell The Bell Family. Descendants of John Bell of Beverley, Yorkshire, England and Shrigley, Melancthon, Ontario Daniels, Olive Bell 1939
Bell The Bell Family in America. Being an Account of the Founders and First Colonial Families, an Official List of Head of Family….. Clemens, William M. 1913
Bell The Bell Family. Descendants of John Bell of Beverley, Yorkshire, England and Shrigley, Melancthon, Ontario Daniels, Olive B 1939
Bell The Bells in the Revolution. A Record of American Soldiers and Sailors of 1776 of the Name of Bell Clemens, William M. 1916
Bell Bell-Sharpe (Family) Bell, Brig Gen Frank F. II 1960
Bell Bell, Cox, Baum, Lawhead, Tohill, Freels, Prudden, Frame… Lant, L. L. 1964
Bellinger A History and Genealogy of the Families of Bellinger and De Veaux and Allied Families with a Genealogy of the Branches of the Following Familis… Bulloch, Joseph Gaston 1894
Bellows Historical Sketch of Colonel Benjamin Bellows, Founder of Walpole: An Address on Occasion of the Gathering of His Descendants to the Bellows, Henry Whitney 1855
Bellows The Bellows Genealogy or John Bellows the Boy Emigrant of 1635 and his Descendants Peck, Thomas Bellows 1898
Bement Chronicles of the Bement Family in America: For Clarence Sweet Bement Leach, Josiah Granville 1928
Bemis The Bemis History and Genealogy. Being An Account, in Greater Part of the Descendants of Joseph Bemis of Watertown, Mass.. Draper, Col Thomas Waln-Morgan 1900
Benadum The Benadum, Benedum, Bennethum Family Benadum, Malcolm 1955
Bender Descendants of Daniel Bender Bender, C. W. 1948
Benedict The Story of the Benedicts: A Genealogy of the Benedict Family of the Descendants of Ira and Seely Benedict of the Seventh Generation in America Benedict, Lyle L. 1939
Benedict Genealogy of the Benedicts in America, 2 vols Benedict, Henry M. 1870
Benjamin The Benjamin Families from Columba County, NY Benjamin, R. M. 1911
Benjamin A Genealogy of the Family of Lieut. Samuel Benjamin and Tabitha Livermore, His Wife, Early Settlers of Livermore, Maine: With a Record of Their Benjamin, Mary Louise 1900
Benjamin Genealogy of Park Benjamin Hoover, Merle M. 1948
Benjamin Genealogy of the Benjamin Family in the United States of America from 1632 to 1898, Containing the Families of John, Joseph, Joseph, Joseph, Joseph, Baker, Ellis B. 1898
Benner Forney's Five Family Records of Genealogy of Benners, Clappers, Ettlemans, Forney and Studys Formey, Charles W 1931
Bennett The Bennett Family of Sussex County, Delaware 1680-1860. With Branches into the Warren, Shockley and Other Families Hill, J. Bennett 1970
Bennett The Bennetts of Saugus, Lynn and Groton. Bennette, Frank P 1907
Bennett Origin and history of the name of Bennett… [Crescent Family Record] ----- 1905
Bennett The Bennett, Bently, and Beers Families Bennett, S. B. 1899
Bennett The Bennett Book: A Family History Shields, John A. 1956
Bennett Notes of the Ancient Cheshire Families of Bennett of Saughall Massey and Bennett of Barnston: With Their Collateral Branches. Hance,M Edward 1889
Bennett Bennett Family History. William Bennett and Grace Davis (Married 1789): Their Ancestry and Their Descendants Durand, Mary Elizabeth Bennett 1941
Bennett The Bennett Family 1628-1910 Bennett, Edgar B. 1910
Bennett Bennett and Allied Families. Addenda to Bullard and Allied Families Bullard, Edgar J. 1931
Bennison The Bennison Family 1971
Benson Genealogy of the Family of Benson, of Banger House of Norhtwoods, in the Parish of Ripon, and Chapelry of Pateley Bridge, with Biographical and Benson, Arthur Christopher 1895
Benson The Genealogy of the Benson-Latimer-Reed-Durham and Associated Families Maxwell, Mary Benson 1932
Benson Jacob Benson, Pioneer and his Descendants: In the towns of Dover and Armenia, Dutchess County, New York and Elsewhere… Benson, Arthur T. 1915
Benson William Benson of Barbour County, Virginia Grant, Howard 1934
Bent (Bent Family) Who Begot Thee?: Some Genealogical and Historical Notes Made in an Effort to trace the American Progenitors…. Bent, Gilbert 1903
Bent The Bent Family in America, Being Mainly a Genealogy of th Descendants of John Bent Bent, Allen 1900
Bentley The Bentley Family with Genealogical Records Brinkerhoff, Roeliff 1897
Bentley Bentley Gleanings Lodbell, Julia H 1905
Benton David Benton, Jr. and Sarah Bingham: Their Ancestors and Descendants andother Ancestral Lines Benton, John Hogan 1906
Benton Caleb Benton and Sarah Bishop, their ancestors and their descendants; Benton, Charles 1906
Benton David Benton and Nancy Pitts, their ancestors and descendants, 1620-1920 Davenport, Edith 1921
Benton David Benton, Jr. and Sarah Bingham, their ancestors and descendants, and other ancestral lines. Benton, John Hogan 1906
Benton Samuel Slade Benton; his ancestors and descendants Benton, Josiah H. 1901
Benton A Benton heritage : brief histories of some Bentons and other connecting family lines in New England. Benton, Nicholas 1964
Bergen The Bergen Family of the Descendants of Hans Hansen Bergen, One of the Early Settlers of New York and Brooklyn, L. I. Bergen, Teunis G. 1866
Bergey Genealogy of the Bergey Family Bergey, David H. 1925
Berlin Berlin-Ferree-Lott Gay, Almetta P 1954
Bernard Sir Francis Bernard and His Grant of Mount Desert Sawtelle, William Otis 1922
Bernard The Bernard of Abington and Winchendon a Family History Higginson, Mrs. Napier 1903
Bernheim The Story of the Bernheim Family Bernheim, Isaac Wolfe 1910
Berry Berry-The Dubury-Berry Family in General Honeywell, E. Q. 1970
Bertolet A Genealogical History of the Bertolet Family, The Descendants of John Bertolet Bertole, Daniel H. 1914
Besant The Besant Pedigree Besant, Arthur Digby 1930
Besbedge Family Records of Some of the Descendants of Thomas Besbedge, (Bisbee), of Scituate, MA in 1634. Lapham, William B. 1876
Besse Descendants of Anthony Besse, 1609-1656 Ballantine, Florence B. 1965
Best The Family of Best in America of Holland Descent wit Copious Biographical Notes, 1700-1901 Benson, Charles Best 1909
Bethune A History of the Bethune Family Weisse, Mr. John A 1884
Betts Thomas Betts Charles W. Betts 1888
Betts Betts Family History Robbins, Warren 1959
Betts The Betts of Wortham Dougherty, Katherine 1912
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Braun The Brauns of Osterwick Brown, Peter 1972
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